Synergy Sidekick - 400W Electric Scooter

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Light up your commute! Sleek, powerful, affordable Synergy Sidekick.

Discover the ultimate ride with our Synergy Sidekick, a compact, powerful electric scooter designed for the savvy commuter. Light up your journey with radiant LED illumination, all while enjoying a remarkable 30km range at an unbeatable price.

In the fast-paced world of electric scooters, finding the perfect balance between portability, performance, and affordability can be a daunting task. However, with Synergy's innovative approach to urban mobility, the search becomes effortless. 

Compact Design, Big Performance

At first glance, the Synergy Sidekick impresses with its sleek and compact design. Weighing in at just 14kg, this scooter is designed for effortless portability, making it the ideal companion for urban commuters and city dwellers alike. But don't let its size fool you—underneath its minimalist exterior lies a powerful 400W DC motor, capable of propelling riders to speeds of up to 25 km/h.

Unmatched Versatility

Whether you're navigating bustling city streets or cruising along scenic bike paths, the Synergy Sidekick offers unmatched versatility. Equipped with an inflatable front tire and solid rear tire, this scooter delivers a smooth and stable ride on a variety of surfaces. Plus, with a range of up to 30km on a single charge, you can explore your surroundings with confidence, knowing that the Sidekick has the endurance to keep up with your adventures.

Safety and Convenience

Safety is paramount when it comes to electric scooters, and the Synergy Sidekick doesn't disappoint. LED front lights illuminate your path, ensuring visibility during nighttime rides, while illuminated sidebars enhance visibility and add a touch of style. Additionally, the scooter's rear drum brake with E-ABS provides reliable stopping power when you need it most, giving you peace of mind on every journey.

Real-World Usability

But how does the Synergy Sidekick perform in the real world? This scooter excels in both urban and suburban environments, effortlessly maneuvering through tight spaces and bustling crowds. Its compact size allows for easy storage in tight spaces, whether it's under a desk at work or in the trunk of a car for weekend getaways. Plus, with a quick charging time of just 4 hours, you'll spend less time waiting and more time riding.

Final Thoughts

The Synergy Sidekick is a true standout in the world of electric scooters. Its compact design, impressive performance, and unmatched versatility make it the perfect choice for urban commuters, weekend explorers, and anyone in between. Whether you're zipping through city streets or cruising along scenic trails, the Sidekick is ready to elevate your ride to new heights. Experience the future of urban mobility with the Synergy Sidekick—your ultimate companion for life on the go.


Cost-effectiveness - Your wallet will thank you with our affordable, high-performance Synergy Sidekick, trimming your commute costs.
Eco-friendliness - Embrace green commuting with our electric scooter, slashing your carbon footprint one ride at a time.
Convenience - Skip the traffic jams with our lightweight scooter, ensuring you’re always on time, effortlessly.
Style - Turn heads with the Sidekick’s sleek design and illuminated sidebars, making every ride stylish.
Portability - Easily carry our compact scooter anywhere, ensuring your commute is seamless from start to finish.
Safety - Our potent LED lights guarantee visibility at night, making every ride a safer one.
Quick charge - Our fast-charging battery reduces wait times, maximizing your riding joy and convenience.
Compact storage - Stow our scooter easily at home or office, sparing you the hassle of bulky bikes.
Fun factor - Add excitement to your daily routines with the exhilarating ride of our electric scooter.
Independence - Gain independence from public transit schedules, deciding when and where you travel.
Time-saving - Shave minutes off your commute with our efficient scooter, gifting you more time for yourself.


Is the scooter’s battery life long enough for daily commutes?
Absolutely, with up to 30km range per charge, it easily supports daily commutes and adventurous rides.

How long does it take to fully charge the scooter?
Our scooter boasts a quick charge feature, fully powering up in just 4 hours, ready for your next ride.

Will the scooter be powerful enough for uphill roads?
Yes, the robust 400W motor provides ample power for uphill challenges, ensuring a smooth ride on various terrains.

Is it difficult to learn how to ride the scooter?

Not at all, its user-friendly design makes it easy for riders of all skill levels to quickly get the hang of it.

Can the scooter's compact design support my weight?

Absolutely, our high-quality construction accommodates a broad range of riders. The maximum recommended rider weight is 150 kg or 330 lbs.

Is the scooter safe to ride at night?
Definitely, with potent LED front lights and illuminated sidebars, visibility is greatly enhanced for safer nighttime rides.

How portable is the scooter when not in use?
It's designed for ultimate convenience, weighting just 14kg. The handlebars fold for effortless carrying and storage anywhere.

Is the scooter eco-friendly compared to other modes of transport?
Yes, our electric scooter offers a green commuting solution, drastically reducing your carbon footprint with every ride.

What if I’m not satisfied with the scooter after purchase?
We stand by our product with a satisfaction guarantee, offering support and options to address any concerns.

How durable is the scooter for daily use?
Crafted with durability in mind, our scooter promises years of reliable, hassle-free commuting on even the bumpiest roads.


RANGE: 30km

TOP SPEED : 25 km/h
WEIGHT: 14kg
MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 150 kg / 330 lbs
WHEEL TYPE: inflatable front tire solid rear tire
BATTERY: Lithium-ion 10.4 Ah / 36 V / 375 Wh
DISPLAY: LED Display shows speed, battery, and mode
BRAKES: Rear drum brake with E-ABS.
SUSPENSION: Single Front, Double Rear
LIGHTS: LED Front lights, LED side lights

HANDLEBARS: Adjustable, and foldable

Synergy Sidekick - 400W Electric Scooter
Synergy Sidekick - 400W Electric Scooter
folded synergy electric scooter
synergy 400w electric scooter side view
Synergy Sidekick - 400W Electric Scooter
Synergy Sidekick - 400W Electric Scooter
synergy scooter front wheel
synergy sidekick scooter rear wheel
Synergy Sidekick - 400W Electric Scooter
Synergy Sidekick - 400W Electric Scooter
Synergy Sidekick - 400W Electric Scooter
folded synergy electric scooter
synergy 400w electric scooter side view
Synergy Sidekick - 400W Electric Scooter
Synergy Sidekick - 400W Electric Scooter
synergy scooter front wheel
synergy sidekick scooter rear wheel
Synergy Sidekick - 400W Electric Scooter