Top Scooter Reviewers and Bloggers

If you're looking for scooter information, we can't possibly cover everything you want to know on our site. 

Fortunately, there are a ton of great electric scooter bloggers and reviewers out there. We have compiled a list of our favourites. Hopefully you'll return to our site to purchase your perfect electric scooter, but either way... happy and safe riding !

1. Electric Scooter Critic

Electric Scooter Critic reviews a ton of scooters, as wall as troubleshooting tips like what to do if your scooter is not charging, or how to fix a flat tire.

According to their About Us page... Electric Scooter Critic was designed with the intentions, desires, and interests of the consumer in mind. Electric scooters are a popular trend among children and adults alike which is who we appeal to while introducing 100% honest, unbiased reviews.

While answering the most important questions like price, performance, reliability, practicality, and much more, you can rest assured you’re getting the information you need and seek to make a real, consumer wise decision.


2. Rider Guide

Simply put, they know Electric Rides! Rider Guide has one the largest collections of electric scooters we've seen.  And they don't just review scooters, they also review safety equipment and replacement parts.

It's very rare to see a blog with a mission statement:

"Our mission is to lead the proliferation of electric scooters worldwide by spreading awareness about their social and environmental benefits, helping people buy the right models, and providing trustworthy and critical reviews to help the industry improve."

Rider Guider also has a comprehensive YouTube channel.  They are definitely staying true to their mission!

3. Electric Specs was founded by Ronan Eduard and a few of his friends. They write about anything powered by electric motors - obviously electric scooters, but also hover-boards and different electric vehicles.

They help evaluate e-scooter for commuting or just for the excitement of driving them.  Even though they are based in the US, they cover European information including electric scooter laws in the UK

4. EScooter Nerds

EScooter Nerds claims to be the biggest blog on electric kick scooters for beginners, which is great because most people in the market for an electric scooter, or at least doing their research, are beginners.

They offer tips on the best scooters for certain budgets, as well as best off-road scooters, fastest scooters and even the best fat tire scooters (which are gaining popularity)

5. Scooter.Guide

Scooter Guide's tagline is "The ultimate electric scooter review website", and it's tough to argue.  They have over 1000 independent scooter reviews, videos, guides & more.

 They have reviewed over 30 brands of electric scooters. But, it's not just a website with tons of poorly written, mass-produced content - they get very specific with topics such as "best scooters for heavy riders" and "most reliable scooters".

Regardless of the reason for purchasing an electric scooter, they probably have a the review for you.

6. Voltage Rider

How could we not include a blog with such a similar name? Voltage Rider was founded by Liam Anderson in 2018. He offers a ton of electric scooter safety tips and guides to help with buying decisions.

Most importantly, wants to help you to become a better e-scooter rider. Articles include tips on how to ride in the rain and best slip-resistant shoes.