How to enjoy your Scooter safely

With the increasing number of electric scooters on the road, there is a need for additional traffic regulation in the form of protection for all participants. Some countries have already adopted regulations for driving electric scooters, so in Germany, for example, they are required to drive solely on the roadway. On the other hand, some countries are still in the process of making decisions. So, in case you’re riding either on the sidewalk or on road, here are couple of advice's for a safe ride.


First of all, be sure to read the e-scooter user guide. The guide contains all the important notes you should follow, as well as the basic functions of using and maintaining your electric pet. If something is not clear, contact customer service and ask for the latest details.


During the first ride of the new scooter, take it easy. Do not hit the speed dial immediately. At least until you feel how the scooter works. Although our e-scooters feature solid construction, it's not a bad idea to start at a slightly lower speed. It's easy to switch to the strongest driving speed in a second. If you are riding on a macadam or smaller puddle, be sure to wipe the scooter after use. Take care of your e-scooter and if you notice that something is wrong, call your service technician.


If you are driving on the sidewalk, take care of other traffic participants of course, including cyclists who ride on the sidewalk, especially when crossing the cycle path. As Synergy scooters come with a horn, you can always alert any pedestrian or cyclist on time. Also, in our experience, "sorry" and "thank you" can do wonders on the road.


We know that it is harder to wear helmet on the heat, but the helmet keeps your head safe. You never know when someone can jump out in front of you or if someone will ride through red light. Unfortunately, that's what happens. A helmet on your head is definitely our recommendation, especially if you are taking a long ride.


During night driving, besides the light that comes with the e-scooter, our recommendation is to wear a reflective vest. It is not the most attractive choice, but it is a great benefit for you and other road users.