Beginner's Guide to Electric Scooters

What is an E-Scooter?

Remember when you were a kid, showing your friends tricks and jumps with your kick scooter as you whizzed down the block? The painfully classic scooter to the ankle is definitely impossible to forget. Well, those days are far from over as the E-Scooter is becoming a popular method of transportation for adults. Similar to the structure of regular kick scooters, e-scooters have two wheels, a deck to place your feet and handlebars.

Additionally, adult scooters have a motor that can range between 250 to 1200 watts, providing excellent balance for power and weight. The average speed of an e-scooter is around 24 km/h and some can go much faster. Besides the childhood nostalgia, people are flocking towards e-scooters as they make efficient transportation with a number of benefits. 

Junior scooters are available, but tend to be smaller and less powerful.  Be sure to keep in mind who is going to be doing the majority of riding.

Benefits of the E-Scooter


What draws commuters to the e-scooter is its extreme efficiency and low maintenance. Thanks to the motor, you are able to get to your destination at quick speeds with little physical effort, while still receiving physical benefits. It has been found that the e-scooter improves balance and engages muscles in the core. With the busyness of everyday life, the e-scooter is a great way to get some movement while completing your day. Another example of its efficiency is its portability. The e-scooter is one of the most portable methods of transportation and unlike alternative options such as a bike, it is foldable and easy to carry. You are then able to store it anywhere and when it is needed, simply unfold it and go on your way! 

Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps the biggest benefit for consumers is how eco-friendly the e-scooter is. Using an e-scooter dramatically reduces your carbon footprint as it uses a very little amount of electricity and does not release any emissions. E-scooters are rechargeable and can often be plugged into any household outlet. After a few hours, you are set to be on your way! This goes hand in hand with noise pollution as well, as the e-scooter is incredibly quiet and gets you to your destination efficiently, quietly and environmentally friendly.

When comparing the environmental impact of the e-scooter to other methods of transportation, there is a huge difference that can be seen. Cars for example, account for nearly one fifth of all US emissions and release about 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases for every gallon of gas used. This is incredibly detrimental and why so many commuters have switched to using an e-scooter to get places. 


E-scooters are incredibly cost efficient and depending on the power and speed, can cost under $1,000. Compared to alternative methods of transportation such as a bike, this is an incredible price when considering the much higher level of efficiency and speed. Compared to a car, it is of course significantly cheaper and with the additional benefits, it is clear why so many people are making the switch. There is a wide variety of e-scooters available, with a range of speeds, sizes and weights; you are guaranteed to find one matched to your needs. So, here’s how to find your perfect e-scooter. 

Finding Your E-Scooter

When buying your own e-scooter there are a number of things to consider: the maximum rider weight, the speed you want, and the price range. There are many brands and styles of e-scooter and this wide variety guarantees that you will find the one perfect for you. Generally, the higher the price, the higher the wattage, speed and battery range. Although there are so many different models, the top three brands that we recommend are the Synergy, Evolv and Inokim Electric Scooters. Read on to find out why we love these scooters and why you will too. 

Synergy Electric Scooters

Synergy provides five different configurations of scooters, ranging from 350W to 1200W. They range from $800 to $3000 with top speeds of up to 70 km/h. These high speeds are particularly impressive when considering the high maximum rider weight possible for this bike. All Synergy scooters are foldable, waterproof and have a digital display as well as headlights and brake lights. This brand is sportier and can be used for urban commuting and powering through uneven and busy city streets. For more information, please read our article on Synergy Electric Scooters: Buyer’s Guide. 

Evolv Electric Scooters

Evolv also has five different models of e-scooter, ranging from 350W to 1000W. They range from $1000 to $2000 and pride themselves on quality, performance and design. These bikes typically range between 30-50 km/h and have a lower rider maximum weight when compared to other brands. These scooters are perfect for daily commutes as well as extended trips.


INOKIM Electric Scooters

INOKIM has won the red dot design award in 2018 and their scooters have unbelievable power and range. The best part is, the variety between the numerous models in terms of speed and design. This is to accommodate all types of terrain and any lifestyle; INOKIM is guaranteed to have the ideal bike. They have a wide range between 35-70 km/h and vary between $1500- $2000. It is impressive when comparing the different models and seeing the versatility available for buyers. They can be used for both urban and off road environments, depending on your needs. 


Convinced Yet?

E-scooters are the future method of transportation and are quickly rising in popularity. They provide a number of benefits such as efficiency, environmental impact and cost, as well as a huge variety of different types of brands and models. You are guaranteed to find the perfect bike to match your lifestyle and change the way you commute. They easily trump over any other method of transportation and besides all the benefits already mentioned, perhaps the most important is that e-scooters are a way to add fun into your daily routine. With the stress and rush of everyday life, it can be easy to forget to enjoy the little things. The e-scooter will bring back that sense of fun.