Synergy Electric Scooters

Synergy Electric Scooters - 2024 Buying Guide.

Discover the Synergy electric scooter lineup, featuring cutting-edge models designed to elevate your urban commuting experience:

  1. Synergy Sidekick:

    • Compact, lightweight, and affordable commuter scooter
    • Powerful 400W motor with a 10.4Ah battery for a range of up to 30km
    • Enhanced visibility with LED front lights and illuminated sidebars
    • Foldable design for convenient storage and portability
  2. Synergy Aviator:

    • Exciting 600W electric scooter ideal for urban exploration
    • Equipped with 8" puncture-proof tires for hassle-free rides
    • Safety features include acrylic side lights and anti-theft voltage lock key
    • Customizable LED sidelights via the Synergy app for personalized style
  3. Synergy Aviator 2.0:

    • Dual motor variant with 1200W total power output for enhanced performance
    • Features 8" puncture-proof tires and safety enhancements like the anti-theft voltage lock key
    • LED sidelights on the deck and upright, customizable through the Synergy app
  4. Synergy Cyclone:

    • High-performance electric scooter with dual 1000W motors (2000W total)
    • Designed for off-road adventures with 10" tubeless off-road tires
    • Safety features include anti-theft voltage lock key and standard signal lights
    • Personalize your ride with LED sidelights controllable via the Synergy app
  5. Synergy Tsunami:

    • Ultimate off-road electric scooter with dual 1200W motors (2400W total)
    • Features 10" tubeless off-road tires for rugged terrain exploration
    • IP54 water resistance rating and safety enhancements like the anti-theft voltage lock key
    • LED sidelights customizable through the Synergy app for added flair and visibility

Explore our range of Synergy electric scooters and revolutionize your daily commute or outdoor adventures today! Check out our Synergy Electric Scooter Buying Guide

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11 products